What musicians use Orange? (2023)

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What famous musicians use Orange amps?

Bands such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin were amongst the most famous Orange users. Jimmy Page still uses Orange amps today.

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Does Slipknot use Orange amps?

A quality high-gain amp is key to Slipknot's choppy distortion. Jim Root swears by his big, bold Orange amps. He does have a signature Dark Terror, but he doesn't always use it in a live setup – he needs something with a bit more oomph to match the size of their shows.

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Who is using Orange amps?

Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac were both very early adopters of Orange amps. Jimmy Page has famously used them. In the 90's Orange heads and cabs would be seen routinely at Oasis gigs, and more recently the likes of Jim Root of Slipknot and Brent Hinds of Mastadon have had their own signature Orange amps.

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What kind of music are Orange amps good for?

Orange amps are the best choice for modern metal and hard rock. They can also be a good fit if you're playing in a classic rock or punk band. While you can still use Orange amps in various music styles, they have a distinct sound that makes them great in these genres.

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What musicians use Orange?

Orange's famous tone has graced albums and stages across the globe for over 45 years. Artists such as Jimmy Page, Jim Root of Slipknot, Mastodon, Ler of Primus, John McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, and many more have played through Legendary Orange Amps.

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What amp did Stevie Ray Vaughan use?

Vaughan used various amplifiers, mainly Fender and Marshall. On his choice of amp use, he stated that he used the "Fenders for distortion and the Marshall for clarity", in contrast to most guitarists utilizing both amps the other way around.

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What amp did Eddie Van Halen use?

This tone is pretty simple, Eddie Van Halen used his legendary Marshall Plexi amplifier famously cranked to the hilt with every knob turned up to 10 (or 11!) and his iconic Frankenstein guitar with the single humbucker in the bridge. The reverb and room mic effects mixed in also have an influence on this recording.

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What amp does Pink Floyd use?

What amps did Pink Floyd use? David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is well known for using Hiwatt and Fender amplifiers such as the Fender Twin Reverb.

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What amp settings did Kurt Cobain use?

Kurt Cobain used a range of tones depending on the songs he was playing, but generally, he set his amp settings at 7-8 for the treble and mids and the bass around 5. He generally set his distortion high for choruses (8-10) unless a pedal was used.

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Which band used Orange amps?

Fleetwood Mac, John McVie

Fleetwood Mac's story with Orange began in October 1968, when their road manager Dinky Dawson brought guitarist Peter Green to the Orange Shop where they placed an order for the first ever Orange PA, and just a few weeks later, the band got six 100-watt amps and sixteen cabs.

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What amp does Jimmy Page use?

When performing live Page primarily used Marshall JMP Super Lead amplifiers. In the studio his time working as a session musician freed him up creatively to try a wide range of equipment, including Vox, Fender, Orange, Supro and HiWatt amps alongside his trusty Marshall rig.

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Are Orange amps good for blues?

Blues: amplified

The Orange Rocker 32 is the perfect amp to achieve that level of grime. All valve monster tone within the footprint of a self-contained stereo combo. This is an amp designed for experimentation.

What musicians use Orange? (2023)
Are Orange amps good for punk?

So many pop punk bands are using Orange amps at the moment and most of them the Rockerverb range. It's difficult to think of a better all round amp than the current version of the Rockerverb. It does everything you could want really, really well.

Are Orange amps good for clean tones?

Whether you're looking for something that's pure simplicity, designed to offer a specific texture or you're just wanting to deliver that classic clean tone, there's no denying the gleeful nature of plugging your guitar straight into an Orange Amplifier.

What amp does Bob Dylan use?

According to Gibsons website "Dylan has reverted to playing a sunburst J-45 since the mid-1990s. Dylan first owned a J-45 in 1962 and the sound of a J-45 is all over Dylan's early albums."

Are Orange amps versatile?

Orange amps are supremely versatile. Big on your heavy metal but like playing the occasional indie tune? The Rocker, Crush and Rockerverb will all work equally well for those aggressive tones and snappy Strat and Tele sounds. There really is something for everyone, whatever music you play.

Does Gibson own Orange?

Following Mathias' death in 1989, his sons Peter and Richard continued the business until 1992 when the company was sold to amplifier enthusiast Jeff Lewis. In 1993, Gibson licensed the name to manufacture Orange Amplification.

Does Orange make bass amps?

Orange prides itself on making bass amps of the highest quality. 'Best of British' with no unnecessary features, or crazy switches, just the very best components and craftsmanship. The result is an amp and sound that will put many other brands to shame, regardless of the musical genre.

What amplifier does Eric Clapton use?

It is with Fender amps however that Eric Clapton is best associated. And again, over the last five decades, Clapton has played a wide variety of different Fender amps. However the two that have arguably had the greatest impact on his tone are the Fender '57 Custom Twin and the Fender '57 Custom Champ.

What amp did Freddie King play?

Amps. Throughout his career, King favoured Fender amps and used a number of different models, including the Fender Super Reverb and the Fender Dual Showman. Arguably though, the amp with which King is best associated is the Fender Quad Reverb, which he used for much of his career.

What amp did Joan Jett use?

Onstage and in the studio, Jett's amp is the very same Music Man HD-130 hybrid (tube preamp/solid-state power amp) 2 x 12″ combo she's used to record her biggest hits, including “I Love Rock 'n' Roll” and “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” For fly dates, or when the Music Man is in service, Joan prefers a Vox AC30 loaded ...

What amp did Mick Taylor use?

During the recording, Taylor (like Clapton and Green before him) used a late-'50s Gibson Les Paul Standard plugged into a 50-watt Marshall half-stack.

What amp did Smashing Pumpkins use?

The Smashing Pumpkins used Marshall amps and cabinets almost exclusively in the early to mid-90s. JCM800s were used heavily by both Corgan and Iha when recording Gish and Siamese Dream, using its famously crunchy-sounding distortion for rhythm tracks on their debut in particular.

What amp did paul McCartney use?

What a lot of people do not know is that the 1964 6G6-B Bassman was actually the most recorded amplifier by The Beatles. The amp was first used by Paul McCartney as his main bass amp from 1965 to mid 1967 (he did use a Vox during this time but not as much as the Bassman).

What amp does ACDC use?

Amps. The guitar amp is a big part of where ACDC get their 'sound' from. Essentially, they just crank up Marshall Plexi amps which are surprisingly not high gain amps. But when turned up that loud, they'll break up the speakers for that classic rock sound.

What was Kurt Cobain's amp?

Kurt's amplifier of choice for live performance was a combination of the Mesa Boogie Studio . 22 acting as a preamp and a Crest 4801 as his power amp. The first iteration of this setup was the Mesa Boogie paired with Crown Power Base 2 800w Power Amp, but Kurt felt the Crest worked better with the Mesa preamp.

What amps do Coldplay use?

MXR Phase 90

So there you have it. That's how you capture the the magical tone of Jonny Buckland from Coldplay. Just choose a Fender amp, telecaster, and some simple yet iconic pedals and you should be good to go.

What amp does Slipknot use?

Slipknot use a variety of amps, with Jim Root primarily using Orange amps such as the Dark Terror and Rockerverb, whilst Mick Thomson mainly uses a Rivera KR7.

What were Jimi Hendrix amp settings?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix's amp settings depended greatly on the song he was performing, but generally, he has the bass at around 4, the mids at 8, the treble at 6, and the gain at 4 or 5.

What amp settings does Metallica use?

Quick Guide to Metallica Amp Settings

Gain: 9. Bass: 9. Mids: 3. Treble: 7.

What amps did Steely Dan use?

All the Sadowsky guitars are strung with Ernie Ball . 011s. Quite the tonal alchemist, Becker relies on a bevy of different amps, cabs, and speakers. At the moment, he is using amps from Suhr, Bogner, Marshall, Ampeg, 3 Monkeys, Retro Channel, and Satellite.

What amp does Chris Stapleton use?

Stapleton prefers playing through 1962 Fender Princeton amps. At 57 years old, the amplifiers are hard to find and unreliable. When they break, which is bound to happen due to their age, he said, it often takes weeks to get them fixed.

What amps does Lynyrd Skynyrd use?

Lynyrd Skynyrd used many amps to get their southern rock sound. You would find them using Marshall, Wizard, and Peavey. The Peavey Mace was a popular amp with the band that was used for the majority of Gary Rossington's career.

What amp does Taylor York use?

York's modulation palette includes two Boss DC-2s, a CE-2w, and the Rainbow Machine, which Taylor says he originally used for the weirdness factor, but has since discovered a number of day-to-day uses. “I used it for one its wacky things - it sounded almost like a car.

What amp did Pete Townshend use?

Still, Townshend wasn't crazy about the Marshall heads for long. Nowadays, Townshend prefers Fender Vibro-King amps with a 2x12 extension cab underneath. Interestingly enough for a player that commands such powerful noise, he also keeps the volume around 3.

What amp did Buck Owens?

“The only thing I brought out to Bakersfield was my '59 Bassman amp which I still have. I used that until (Fender) gave us Twins in late '64 with JBLs, but I used a Fender 1000, and Buck said, 'Don't worry about it.

What Orange amp has the most gain?

The amps in the Dual Dark series are Orange's highest gain amplifiers yet with each channel having four… yes four stages of gain. Both channels feature individual gain and master volume controls which give easy access to everything from clean to overdrive to insane distortion at the twist of a knob.

Can Orange amps play metal?

However, while the amps can achieve some blistering tones they can also be used in a variety of genres beyond aggressive rock and metal music.

Do Orange amps sound like Marshalls?

Both Orange and Marshall amps are capable of playing a wide range of music styles. However, Marshall amps often have a crunchier tone, making them most suitable for rock and roll, whilst Orange amps sound more fuzzy and boomy, making them great for heavy metal.

What amp did BB King use?

Most often you'd see him onstage with a Fender Super Reverb or the classic Twin Reverb. Although Fender tube amps tend to have that quintessential blues tone, B.B. was often spotted with a Solid-State Lab Series L5 amp which he would go on to give to fellow bluesman Eric Clapton in the '70s.

What amplifier does Vince Gill use?

Both Paul Franklin and Vince Gill are big fans of Little Walter Tube Amps. Here's Franklin's VG-50, which is a 50-watt head that uses 6550 tubes and features controls for volume, bass, and treble.

What amp does Ozzy Osbourne use?

Bob Daisley admitted that for the "Blizzard of Ozz" he used one of Randy Rhoads' 100-watt Marshall amps through a 4x12 cabinet.

Do Orange amps work well with pedals?

The pedals Orange have developed are designed to sound good with pretty much anything, obviously including our amps.

Why are Orange amps called Orange?

Our amps were covered in orange, but I believed that we should also make claim to the fruit. The Orange tree was the first thing that came to mind, so the Orange World Tree was included in the design – its roots encircling the world.

Are Orange amps good for country?

Our flagship Orange AD30 is an ideal midpoint between the classic country tone and that synonymous British sound that harks back to the heyday of the all-valve amplifier. Its balanced and natural compression is the perfect all-rounder amp for country picking.

What amp does Brad Paisley play?

Bruno Amps Underground 30

Paisley also uses Tony Bruno Amplifiers, including the Underground 30. According to Paisley's guitar tech, the Underground 30 is “is pretty much Tony [Bruno's] take on an AC30. Most of his stuff is very AC30-esque but he kind of tailors to whatever you want,” (2:20).

What amp did Jim Hall use?

The Kingsley Duke is a combo amp for Jazz guitar players and was inspired by the Gibson GA-50, as used by the famous Jim Hall.

What amp did George Benson use?

The GB Hot Rod Deluxe is a 40-watt 1x12" combo especially fine-tuned for world-famous jazz guitar virtuoso and top-selling pop artist George Benson.

Who made Orange amps famous?

Orange Music Electronic Company
TypeIndependent company
FounderClifford Cooper
HeadquartersBorehamwood , England
Key peopleClifford Cooper (chairman)
ProductsAmplifiers, speaker cabinets
4 more rows

Did Jimmy Page use Orange amps?

Led Zeppelin was a force to be reckoned with, heavier than their name itself, and we could not be prouder or more excited to have Jimmy Page as one of our artists. He first started using Orange in the 70s along with a few other amps and have been an avid user ever since.

What amplifiers did Lynyrd Skynyrd use?

Lynyrd Skynyrd used many amps to get their southern rock sound. You would find them using Marshall, Wizard, and Peavey. The Peavey Mace was a popular amp with the band that was used for the majority of Gary Rossington's career.

Did Black Sabbath use Orange amps?

Artists like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Wonder proudly presented Orange amps on stage and helped associate their sound with rock'n'roll as well as metal.

What is the biggest orange amp?

BRINGING THE 'ORANGE SOUND' TO THE REHEARSAL ROOM… The Crush 35RT is the largest and most feature-laden model in the Crush range.

What amp did Keith Richards use?

At the center of Keith's tone is are his Fender amps. He has a few of them but the most utilized are his 1958 Fender Twin for live performances and his 1957 Fender Champ and 1956 Fender Tweed Harvard Amp which he primarily uses in the studio.

What amp did Led Zeppelin use?

Whilst it is true that he used a Marshall 1959 Super lead during many of Led Zeppelin's live shows, he actually played a range of different amps over the course of his career. These included amps from brands like Fender, Orange, Vox, Hiwatt and Supro.

What amplifier did Eddie Van Halen use?

This tone is pretty simple, Eddie Van Halen used his legendary Marshall Plexi amplifier famously cranked to the hilt with every knob turned up to 10 (or 11!) and his iconic Frankenstein guitar with the single humbucker in the bridge.

What amplifier does Chris Stapleton use?

Chris Stapleton got tired of babysitting his amplifiers. Stapleton prefers playing through 1962 Fender Princeton amps.

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