What does a turbo sound like? [Solved] (2022)

What do Turbos sound like?

As the name suggests, a turbo whistle sounds like a high pitched whistle or whining sound, heard when the turbocharger kicks in as you accelerate and the revs go up. For some people, a turbo whistle can be annoying, but to others, it's actually desirable!... read more ›

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How do you hear a turbo sound?

3 Ways To Make Your Turbo Louder | Now You Know - YouTube... view details ›

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Why do Turbos sound?

Essentially, the noise is caused by what is known as "reversion". When a turbocharged vehicle builds up boost, and the driver backs off the throttle, the throttle body snaps shut, but the turbo is still spinning, trying to compress air.... view details ›

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Do Turbos have sound?

Usually a turbocharger muffles the sound an engine make, but these turbo cars sound utterly fantastic. Crank up the volume and enjoy.... see details ›

(Video) Bad TURBOcharger symptoms how to check and diagnose? Smoke, whine...

What is the best sounding turbo?

Top 10 Best-Sounding Turbocharged Cars
  • Ferrari F40 (Pictured Above) NM2255 Car HD Videos. 893K subscribers. ...
  • Mercedes-AMG GT S. NIKK8706. 20.4K subscribers. ...
  • McLaren P1. Gumbal. ...
  • Subaru WRX STI. Cuthweed. ...
  • Fiat 695 Biposto. WorldSupercars. ...
  • Ford GT LM GTE. AutoGuide.com. ...
  • Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. BerlinTomek. ...
  • Porsche 935. Porsche.

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Why do turbo cars not sound as good?

The turbo absorbs a lot of exhaust pressure by spooling the turbine, thereby muffling sound. Also, the E9X NA engine is far more "on the edge" to make the horsepower they want. With turbos, you will have a mild engine and with the boost, make a lot of power (and a lot more with a simple chip).... see more ›

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Does cold air intake make turbo louder?

A cold air intake will not make your turbocharger any louder than it already is.... continue reading ›

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How does a turbo work?

A turbo is made up of two halves joined together by a shaft. On one side, hot exhaust gasses spin the turbine that is connected to another turbine which sucks air in and compresses it into the engine.... read more ›

(Video) Supercharger VS. Turbo Sounds

What makes a turbo flutter?

While the engine shuts off airflow, all the pressure from the turbo is still there — looking for somewhere to escape. The only available path of least resistance is straight back through the turbo and so this backpressure is what causes turbo flutter.... view details ›

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How do you spell a turbo sound?

When there is vacuum (no boost) in the intake manifold relative to the rest of the intake system, the BOV opens. It's the BOV that makes the signature turbo sound ("pssst"; "sutututu"), not the wastegate.... read more ›

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Is it normal for a turbo to whistle?

As many fans of a turbocharged engine will know, a turbo often makes a whistling sound. This whistle is the sound of the turbo operating effectively, also known as 'spooling up'.... see more ›

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How do you make a turbo whistle with your mouth?

TURBO FLUTTER WITH MOUTH (Tutorial) - YouTube... read more ›

What does a turbo sound like? [Solved] (2022)

Why do turbo cars pop?

This is accomplished by adding fuel, retarding the timing, and sometimes electronically interrupting the spark to certain cylinders. These last efforts of adding fuel and dropping spark will place unburned fuel in the exhaust which will ignite in the pipes causing the violent popping sounds.... see more ›

Does a turbo quiet exhaust?

Much like the effect on the intake, this results in a flatter, more sinusoidal tone to the exhaust, which most people would say is less exciting than an NA engine of similar design. The turbo also tends to make the exhaust quieter as a byproduct.... see details ›

How do I make my car flutter?

Turbo Chatter Sound | How to make your turbo flutter - YouTube... see more ›

What does turbo flutter sound like?

When people think of turbocharged cars, one of the first things that comes to mind is the sound of turbo flutter, that fluttering/chattering sound which happens when the driver backs off the throttle in a hurry, such as when changing gear.... view details ›

How do you know when a turbo is going bad?

The symptoms of a damaged or failing turbo are:
  1. Loss of power.
  2. Slower, louder acceleration.
  3. Difficulty maintaining high speeds.
  4. Blue/grey smoke coming from the exhaust.
  5. Engine dashboard light is showing.
... continue reading ›

How do you spell the sound a turbo makes?

When there is vacuum (no boost) in the intake manifold relative to the rest of the intake system, the BOV opens. It's the BOV that makes the signature turbo sound ("pssst"; "sutututu"), not the wastegate.... see more ›

Does turbo change exhaust sound?

The turbocharger itself can also introduce a whistling noise to the intake, not unlike a jet engine. The turbo has a similar effect on exhaust systems, where the exhaust-side impeller disrupts the exhaust flow by creating an extra gate for the sound to have to flow through.... see details ›

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