Is Luna a Turkish name? (2023)

What nationality name is Luna?

Origin: The name Luna originates in Roman Mythology and has Latin roots. Gender: Luna is frequently used as a girl's name, being a feminine noun in both Spanish and Italian. Luna is the name of a female goddess, making it more likely to be a namesake for little girls.

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Can name meaning Turkish?

Can (Turkish: [dʒan]) is a common Turkish, Azerbaijani and Circassian given name and surname, meaning spirit, life, soul or heart.

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Where is the name Luna popular?

Luna is also the most-searched girls' name among people from the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan and the Philippines. (Italians are more interested in Enola, and South Africans in Pedi.)

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Is Mila a Turkish name?

Mila (Cyrillic: Мила, Polish: Miła) is a female Slavic name originating from Central or Eastern Europe. It is a diminutive of Slavic names beginning or ending with Mila which derived from the element Mil (Мил) meaning "gracious" or "dear".

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Why is the name Luna so popular?

Its extreme popularity can partly be attributed to the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. However, many believe it has risen in popularity most likely because of the use of the name by many celebrity parents, most notably Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

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Is Luna a rare last name?

In the United States, the name Luna is the 492nd most popular surname with an estimated 57,201 people with that name.

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What is the most common Turkish name?

Top Turkish Names
6 more rows

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Is Lara a Turkish name?

Lara is a girl's name with Latin, Greek, and Russian roots, meaning "protection." It stems from the word "lares" and refers to the individual gods of Roman households, who were the protectors of homes and fields.

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Is Khan a Turkish name?

Khan, which is more popular as a surname, is a Turkish boy's name meaning "prince," so get ready to give your son the royal treatment. Khan is a shorter form of Khagan, and was originally a historic title given to military chiefs and rulers.

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Is Luna a Korean name?

Park Sun-young (born August 12, 1993), known professionally as Luna, is a South Korean singer, musical actress and television presenter. She debuted as a member of girl group f(x) in September 2009.
Luna (South Korean singer)
Member off(x)
Korean name
20 more rows

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Is Luna an Arabic name?

Luna is a Muslim Girl Name. Luna name meaning is Moon.. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Urdu.
Luna Name Meaning.
Lucky Number6
5 more rows

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What does Luna mean in German?

Luna → Mond, Erdtrabant, Satellit, Trabant.

Is Luna a Turkish name? (2023)
How do you say Luna in France?

How to Pronunce Luna in French - - YouTube

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