How many A-10 Warthogs have been shot down? [Solved] (2022)

How many A-10 Warthogs have been shot down?

'” The A-10 would also go on to distinguish itself in battle over Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya. And in all of these conflicts, though many shot-up Warthogs returned to base almost unflyable, only seven of them have reportedly ever been shot down or crashed due to combat [1].... read more ›

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How many A-10 Warthogs have been shot down?

(Many returned to base almost unflyable, but only seven Warthogs have ever been shot down or crashed due to combat.) Production had been shut down since 1984, and zero effort had been put into coming up with a direct replacement.... continue reading ›

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Has an A-10 ever shot down another aircraft?

Robert “Swaino” Swain of the 706th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS), when flying the A-10A No. 77-0205 he shot down an Iraqi Bo-105 helicopter.... continue reading ›

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How many A-10 Warthogs are in the Boneyard?

News of the Senate saving A-10s from the boneyard was first reported by Valerie Insinna at Defense News. The Air Force had proposed retiring 42 Warthogs, bringing the total number down from 281 to 239 aircraft, with an end goal of bringing the number of active A-10s down to 218 within two years.... continue reading ›

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How many A-10 Warthogs have been made?

... view details ›

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How many F-15 shot down?

United States. As of 8 January 2014, 123 USAF F-15 aircraft had been destroyed in mishaps, with 52 fatalities. This was a lifetime average of 2.93 aircraft destroyed per year, or 1.99 aircraft destroyed per 100,000 flight hours.... view details ›

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How many Ukraine planes has Russia lost?

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia has lost around 37,870 military personnel, 1,667 tanks and 219 planes in the course of its full-scale military invasion in Ukraine.... see details ›

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How many tanks has the A-10 destroyed?

By the time it ended, the Warthog would be credited with destroying more than 900 tanks, 2,000 military vehicles, and 1,200 artillery pieces. That the A-10 remains in service 29 years later is a testament to the platform's reliability and effectiveness.... see more ›

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Could an A-10 win a dogfight?

Everybody knows the A-10 can bring the pain to ground targets like few aircraft in history, but the aircraft's tight turn radius and powerful gun can actually make it a force to be reckoned with in a dogfight too.... continue reading ›

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Has an F 16 been shot down?

On 10 February 2018, an Israeli Air Force F-16I was shot down and crashed in northern Israel when it was hit by a Syrian Air Defense Force S-200 surface-to-air missile.... see more ›

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How many B 52 bombers are in the Boneyard?

As of June 2019, there are 76 aircraft in inventory; 58 operated by active forces (2nd Bomb Wing and 5th Bomb Wing), 18 by reserve forces (307th Bomb Wing), and about 12 in long-term storage at the Davis-Monthan AFB Boneyard.... continue reading ›

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How many F 35s does the United States have?

GAO-22-105995 Published: Apr 28, 2022. Publicly Released: Apr 28, 2022. F-35 aircraft comprise a growing portion of DOD's aviation fleet. DOD currently has 450 F-35s, and plans to procure about 2,500 in total.... see details ›

How many A-10 Warthogs have been shot down? [Solved] (2022)

How many F-16s are in the Boneyard?

The service already identified two F-16s — currently in storage at the “boneyard” run by 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona — that will be transferred to Wichita and disassembled.... see more ›

How long can an A-10 fire its guns?

The plane can carry 1,174 rounds for this gun, which fires at 3,900 to 4,200 rounds per minute. That's anywhere from 16.77 to 18 seconds of firing time.... view details ›

Can you buy a A-10 Warthog?

The US Air Force has closed the lid on discussions about shopping the A-10 Warthog to allies, telling Flightglobal it will not sell the close-in attack aircraft to anyone.... see more ›

How many bombs can an A-10 carry?

The magazine can hold 1,350 rounds of ammunition. The pilot can select a firing rate of 2,100 or 4,200 rounds a minute.... see details ›

How many tanks does Russia have left?

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) The Military Balance, the Russians have 2,800 tanks and 13,000 other armored vehicles (reconnaissance and infantry fighting vehicles) in units with another 10,000 tanks and 8,500 armored vehicles in storage.... see more ›

How many tanks has Ukraine destroyed?

Ukrainian Armed Forces have already destroyed 1,700 Russian tanks | Ukrainska Pravda.... continue reading ›

How many Russian tanks have been destroyed?

Russia has lost more than 1,700 tanks in Ukraine - Sandboxx.... see details ›

Can a A-10 destroy a tank?

The U.S. Air Force has announced that 422nd and 59th Test and Evaluation Squadrons proved that modern-day armored vehicles equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor are still vulnerable to the A-10C Thunderbolt II's GAU-8 Avenger.... view details ›

How many m1 tanks lost battle?

The tanks were destroyed by U.S. forces in order to prevent any trophy-claim by the Iraqi Army. A total of 23 M1A1s were damaged or destroyed during the war. Of the nine Abrams tanks destroyed, seven were destroyed by friendly fire and two intentionally destroyed to prevent capture by the Iraqi Army.... see details ›

Can A-10 Warthog take out tanks?

A US Air Force test showed that the A-10 attack aircraft, which is over 40 years old, can take out even modern tanks with its gun.... view details ›

Who kills the most air-to-air?

Erich Hartmann, with 352 official kills the highest scoring fighter pilot of all time. Ilmari Juutilainen, a Finnish flying ace with Brewster BW-364 "Orange 4" on 26 June 1942 during the Continuation War.... view details ›

What are A-10 pilots called?

His action in combat during the Gulf War in 1991 is one of the reasons why the A-10, also called the Warthog, is the most beloved close air support platform in the U.S. arsenal. On February 25th, 1991, the second day of the ground war, he and his wingman Capt.... read more ›

What aircraft has the most kills?

F6F Hellcat

Hellcats were credited with 5,223 kills, more than any other Allied naval aircraft.... read more ›

How many MiG 29 shot down?

Six MiG-29s were shot down during the NATO intervention in the Kosovo War, three by USAF F-15s, one by a USAF F-16, and one by a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16. However, one aircraft, according to its pilot, was hit by friendly fire from the ground. Another four were destroyed on the ground.... read more ›

Has an F 35 been shot down?

Minutes later, both Iranian-launched drones were shot down by Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-35s, the first acknowledged operational air-to-air kill for the fifth-generation fighter.... continue reading ›

Has an F-22 ever been shot down?

This was certainly proven to be true in 2009 when the famed F-22 was “shot down” by a much more inferior fourth-generation fighter jet—Dassault's Rafale. According to the EurAsian Times, “while remarkable in its own stead, in comparison to the Raptor, this French warplane doesn't appear to be as impressive.... view details ›

How many B-52 bombers were shot down in Vietnam?

Only one other B-52 tail gunner had scored a successful kill against a Vietnamese fighter, though more than 30 B-52s had been shot down throughout the conflict.... continue reading ›

Does a B-52 have a bathroom?

With roughly 40 hours of constant flight, a B-52 crew is likely to use the bathroom on missions. While many Air Force planes already have such privacy solutions, or even private toilets, not all do, according to read more ›

How many nuclear bombs can a B-52 carry?

Fully loaded, the B-52 can carry 20 of the weapons. But like the plane that launches them, the weapons are on the older side, having been produced in the early to mid-1980s. “A lot of this stuff predates the airmen I have working on 'em,” said Senior Master Sgt.... see details ›

Is the A-10 being retired?

The service attempted to retire the entire A-10 fleet in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 budget cycles, and proposed getting rid of portions of the fleet in 2021 and 2022. But Congress thwarted the plan each time, arguing there is not an adequate replacement aircraft for providing close-air support to troops on the ground.... continue reading ›

How good is the a10 Warthog?

The A-10 Thunderbolt II has excellent maneuverability at low air speeds and altitude, and is a highly accurate and survivable weapons-delivery platform. The aircraft can loiter near battle areas for extended periods of time and operate in low ceiling and visibility conditions.... continue reading ›

Was the a10 Warthog used in Vietnam?

The A-10 was designed for close support in low intensity conflicts during the Vietnam War, yet it came to be seen as a dedicated anti-armor platform by the early 1970s.... see details ›

When was the last aerial dogfight?

The most recent air-to-air kill scored by an American aircraft came in 2017, when a U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian-flagged Su-22 as it bombed American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the Raqqa province of Syria.... see details ›

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