Are all words possible in Wordle? (2023)

Are all words possible in Wordle?

In Wordle, there are 2,315 possible solution words, and an additional 10,657 words that are accepted as guesses (“support words”). Therefore, our bot's aim is to exploit the full set of 12,972 candidates to reduce the set of 2,315 solution words down to a single one in six tries.

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How many possible solutions are there in Wordle?

Every Wordle game starts with one of 2,309 possible solutions as the hidden word. At each turn, WordleBot chooses the word that will allow it to solve the game in as few steps as possible, assuming any of the remaining solutions are equally likely. It keeps doing this until only one solution remains — the right answer.

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What is the number one most guessed word on Wordle?

A pair of MIT researchers recently set out to find the optimal starting word for the popular online puzzle, discovering that the statistically superior first guess is SALET, which is a 15th century helmet.

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Is it possible to fail at Wordle?

Because very few people fail at a given Wordle (typically around 3%), I use the percent of people who use all six guesses, whether they win (6/6) or fail (X/6) as a proxy for a word's difficulty. This percentage varies quite a bit, suggesting that some answers are definitely harder than others.

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What words does Wordle exclude?

The New York Times has removed 'obscure', 'insensitive' and 'offensive' words from Wordle - ABC News.

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Which country is best at Wordle?

Sweden is the world's best country at Wordle, with an average of 3.72. The US is ranked #18 in the world for Wordle, with a national average of 3.92. The American state with the best Wordle average is North Dakota (3.65). The US city with the best Wordle scores is Saint Paul, Minnesota, with an average of 3.51.

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What is a good average for Wordle?

Wordle in Four

Most people should, on average, get it in at least 4, even on days where it is harder. Especially if you aren't making risky moves, four guesses should supply you with enough information to make a correct guess.

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What percentage of people solve Wordle?

Players cannot guess the correct word in 2.92% of games. The global average for solving Wordle is 4.016 guesses, according to our data from over 6 million games.
Human Statistics Playing Wordle.
AttemptSuccess rate
3 more rows
Dec 15, 2022

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What is the best 5 letter word to start Wordle with?

According to one analysis, the letter E appears most frequently in English-language words featured in a condensed version of the Oxford Dictionary, followed by A, R, I, O, T, N, and S. So starting words like “ratio,” “irate,” “stain,” or “stare” that include those commonly used letters are great options.

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What is the hardest Wordle on word?

Research has revealed that “Parer” has been the hardest word to guess in the NYTimes game Wordle. A study conducted by online gaming site utilised and examined data collected by a Twitter API called WordleStats that has been analysing players' Wordle tweets since the start of 2022.

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What are the 3 best words to start with in Wordle?

If, on the other hand, you're simply trying to win within the allotted six guesses, the top three words to play are “adept,” “clamp” and “plaid.” Using any of these three words will yield an average success rate in winning the game of 98.79 percent, 98.75 percent, and 98.75 percent, respectively, if you're playing the ...

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Who has the longest streak on Wordle?

Spencer Evans was the one whose accomplishment impressed me the most: 83 unbroken wins and counting. A wordsmith himself, Evans first discovered Wordle earlier this month.

Are all words possible in Wordle? (2023)
Do you have to be smart to win Wordle?

As millions of people around the world have discovered, cracking the daily Wordle in two or three moves feels terrific. But while it's a lovely way to start (or finish) the day, Wordle wizards should check the smugness: being good at this game doesn't necessarily mean you're smart.

Does Wordle get harder as you progress?

"No, we did not make Wordle harder," New York Times games general manager Jonathan Knight told NBC News correspondent Joe Fryer on TODAY Thursday. "Categorically. I'm happy and here to say that.” The Times says it has actually made the game easier by removing certain words it felt were too difficult, like "agora."

Can there be plurals in Wordle?

Wordle, the popular word-guessing game from the New York Times, will no longer use plural words, according to an announcement made last week. Over the past year, tens of millions of people tried to guess the five-letter word of the day.

What is the rude Wordle?

The objective of Wordle is to guess the secret word in six tries, using a series of hints to figure it out - the objective of Lewdle is exactly the same, but instead of just normal words, all the words are rude.

What 5 letter word has the most vowels?

Top-Words with 5 Letters with mostly vowels
  • MIAOU. ...
  • ADIEU. ...
  • AUDIO. ...
  • AULOI. ...
  • LOUIE. ...
  • AUREI. ...
  • OURIE. ...
  • URAEI.

What are the rules for Wordle words?

What are the Wordle rules?
  • You have to guess the Wordle in six goes or less.
  • Every word you enter must be in the word list. ...
  • A correct letter turns green.
  • A correct letter in the wrong place turns yellow.
  • An incorrect letter turns gray.
  • Letters can be used more than once.
  • Answers are never plurals.
Dec 5, 2022

Can you put random words in Wordle?

Wordle gives players six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. As shown above, if you have the right letter in the right spot, it shows up green. A correct letter in the wrong spot shows up yellow. A letter that isn't in the word in any spot shows up gray.

What is the least common letter in Wordle?

The least common letters in all words are the usual suspects: J, Q, Z, X, and it's unlikely any five-letter Wordle word would contain any of those characters. F, V, and K are also uncommon, but these letters have higher odds of being in one of the five possible Wordle positions.

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